My Saving Graces


I’m grateful for my love of Jesus Christ. “I wandered the desert” so many years before returning home to my faith and the Church. LookingMy Faith back I can see now, how our Lord watched over me, showering me with blessings and performing little miracles for my benefit–even though I took it all for granted. He is my Strength when I feel weak; my Shoulder when I just need a good cry; my Ear when I struggle to work out inner problems or simply want to pray. He is my Always There, the One with Whom I can share the joys and burdens of daily life.





My Best FriendSpeaking of blessings…this year John and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary, and he’s still my best friend. We love traveling together, cheering on our Seattle Seahawks football team together, and most importantly–laughing together. He’s an avid reader and I write–how perfect is that? We also enjoy many of the same movies (we stream and have DVDs galore!) Since he's retired, we get to play more and camping at Washington’s beautiful parks is one of our favorite pastimes.



These two handsome guys–our son and grandson–are the other My Familyloves of my life. Like his dad, John is a wonderful musician and plays in a band as a drummer and bass player. He also inherited his love for woodworking, creating unique, artisan furniture and he has tremendous talent! Our grandson, aside from being brilliant, enjoys anything to do with sports, especially basketball. He's a huge fan of Michael Jordan and as he continues to grow to be as tall as his dad, I've no doubt the NBA scouts will be talking to him in a few years...