Kate Breslin Dream Space I’VE BEEN ASKED: What does your writing space look like? Well, it’s much like a turret in a castle–with a spectacular view of our bay and the evergreen forests beyond. It’s really an upstairs dormer room we added to our home years ago, accessed only by a wrought iron spiral staircase. Sounds very Rapunzel-like, don’t you think?





IT’S ALSO IN MY CREATIVE SPACE that you’ll discover I love anything Celtic. With my Irish and Scottish roots, it’s not hard to figure out. In fact, the very first novel I wrote  took place in 18th century Scotland, and on the wall across from my Historical Research Toolsdesk hang my “visuals” of the genre–two Claymore swords, a Scottish targe, or spiked shield; a spear, a dirk, even a double- headed mace. I’ve got a regular arsenal at my fingertips, so beware those who disturb me while writing. 🙂 One of my  favorite pastimes each year is to attend the Scottish Highland Games in the Seattle area, where pipe bands, Haggis, and caber tossing abound. Occasionally I really get into the spirit by dressing up in my Irish Princess costume, so you might see me strolling past the kilts and Irish brogues in my snood, cape, and gown! Though my current novel isn’t about the Celts, I hope one day to write more stories in that setting.


1-1-My BookshelfWHEN I’M NOT AT MY KEYBOARD creating characters or plot twists, you'll usually find me with my nose buried in a book. I was a bookseller for 15 years, so as you can see I have quite a collection! And though I may never get to read them all, I can still hope, right? And while I love so many genres, my all-time favorite is romance–I love stories that end in happily ever after, and if they show God’s role in bringing two hearts together, even better.